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Officially known as the 27 Club, it is sometimes referred to under the names Club 27 and Forever 27 Club. It is the name of a group of highly influential and predominant rock musicians who passed away at the young age of twenty-seven. The initial opening of Club 27 took place in 1969 after the death of rock music artist, Brian Jones. Today, nearly forty years after the inaugural, there are nearly forty five members who are part of Club 27. The latest gem to enter Forever 27 Club is British singer, Amy Winehouse. Many of the world’s top rock musicians that are part of the group are Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

Many of these rock artists died due to some of their misjudgements and actions. If you take a look at the first artists to be a part of the group, Brian Jones, he died by drowning in a pool. He was the very talented founder and lead multi-instrumentalist of the Rolling Stones. He had a lot of fame and popularity as he was growing up, but due to a misadventure, his life was taken away. If these people were still a part of our world, our music scene would definitely be a little different. The age of 27 is very special to the rock genre as many top talents died at that age. Today, many rock bands and artists pay tribute to these wonderful rock artists.

Initially, 27 Club was renowned to include only five members who were Hendrix, Joplin, Jones, Morrison and Cobain. Cobain’s death was somewhat questionable to many, especially because of what his sister had said. When Kurt Cobain had passed away, his sister told the media that he always had a thing for which he wanted to join the Club 27. This was also stated in the Heavier than Heaven book. The deaths of these musicians really changed how we perceive the rock music genre, as music has changed a great deal since then. Apart from the death of Janis Joplin, there still seems to be a lot of talk and controversy about the death of the other Club 27 members.

It has been over forty years since the death of some of these rock stars, but people still strive to pay respect to them when the time comes. Many of today’s rock artists have followed Club 27 members, and many play their music as a respect to one of their own. The number 27 is a major deal in the rock music genre, as an astounding number of artists passed away at this age. The death of the latest member, Amy Winehouse, has not yet been determined but she was a true inspiration for many.

ImageArtistDate DeceasedCause of DeathWhy Famous?Age
Amy WinehouseJuly 23, 2011TBDVocalist27
Kurt CobainApril 5th, 1994SuicideFounding member, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Nirvana.27 years, 44 days

Jim MorrisonJuly 3, 1971Heart Failure (No Autopsy)Lead singer, songwriter for The Doors.27 years, 207 days

Janis JoplinOctober 4, 1970Likely heroin overdoseLeading vocalist and songwriter.27 years, 258 days

Jimi HendrixSeptember 18, 1970Autopsy demonstrated he likely asphyxiated on vomit after combining sleeping pills with wine.Pioneering electric guitarist, singer and songwriter for his generation. 27 years, 295 days

Brian JonesJuly 3, 1969Drowned in a swimming pool.Rolling Stones founder.27 years, 125 days


Other 27 Club Members

Forever 27 Club, also known as Club 27 is a group dedicated to some of the most influential music artists who died at the young age of 27. The Club 27 phenomenon is also known as the Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll. The decision to form this group came after the deaths of true talents such as Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. All these music stars died at the age of twenty-seven, so the Club 27 was created. The deaths of some of these artists are still a mystery and there is a lot of controversy surrounding them. When Kurt Cobain died, his sister had mentioned that he had intentions of joining 27 Club.

Musical artists like Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain were true artists who formed amazing bands such as The Rolling Stones and Nirvana. Much of the deaths of these singers were because of something they brought on their own. Many of these deaths are due to drugs and alcohol, as they would over do it. Janis Joplin died because of a heroin overdose, and Kurt Cobain’s death was stated to be a suicide. Now, the initial five members of the Club 27 are recognized as the first members, which are Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. However, many new people joined in on the group as years went by.

Today, there are dozens of songwriters and singers that have joined 27 Club due to their deaths at the age of 27. Even though people die at any age, there is a huge spike for musicians that die at the age of 27. Mia Zapata the lead singer for the Gits was murdered at the age of 27. Another heroin overdose case is with Kristen Pfaff, and see was the bass guitarist for Hole. Members of the hip-hop and rap industry also suffered tragedies at young ages, such as Stretch, Fat Pat and Freaky Tah. All three rappers were shot in the years between 1995 and 1999. If you look at years after the second millennium, two artists died at the age of twenty seven due to a heroin overdose.

Bryan Ottoson who was the guitarist for American Head Charge died due to a prescription drug overdose in 2005. Orish Grinstead was the founding partner of the group 702. 702 was an R&B music group that started up in the early nineties. Orish died due to a health condition, as it was a kidney failure. Recently, in 2011, Amy Winehouse has joined Forever 27 Club as she too died at the age of 27. She was a British singer and songwriter who earned her fame only five years before her death. The cause of her death has still not yet been confirmed by police officials in London.

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